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An Overview

Luxembourg is a European country that offers business opportunities to entrepreneurs that are ready to break into the European markets. The central location of Luxembourg provides excellent connectivity to European Union markets. Luxembourg has close proximity to major European business destinations like Brussels, Paris and Frankfurt. The economic and political stability and trade policies attract foreign entrepreneurs to choose Luxembourg for company formation in the country.

Company formation is uncomplicated and economical in Luxembourg, both for residents as well as foreign investors. The procedure to incorporate the company is quick, simple and economical.

Why invest in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg maintained its economic stability during the times of the global financial and economic crisis. The economy of the country is based on numerous business activities that helped in the survival during crisis. Imports and exports, manufacturing, financial services, retail, communications, e-commerce, and logistics are some of the primary sectors of the economy of Luxembourg.

The legal structure and tax system are the two major points of fascination for the investors who want to make Luxembourg the base of their business and connect it to European business centres.

Requirements for Company Formation in Luxembourg

Foreign investors willing to start a business in Luxembourg must consider the following aspects:

  • Choose a name for the company, according to the requirements of the Commercial activity
  • Prepare a set of documents like Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • A legal address of the business in Luxembourg and a corporate bank account is required
  • Registration with the Tax Authorities and Trade Registrar of Luxembourg is necessary.
  • The application should be made for a specific license for a particular industry and the business activity to be conducted.

Types of business entities available in Luxembourg

Luxembourg provides several options for entities that can be registered here. It depends upon the investor which type of company is suitable for his business actions.

Listed below are the types of companies under which the investor can incorporate the company:

  • Public limited liability Company
  • Private limited liability Company
  • General partnership
  • Limited partnership
  • Partnership limited by shares
  • Co-operative company

The company registration process in Luxembourg

Opening a business in Luxembourg requires these steps to be followed:

  • Reserving a unique name for the company with the Company Registrar
  • Drafting and notarizing the company incorporation documents
  • Submitting the documents to the Companies Registrar Office
  • Obtaining VAT & Tax numbers
  • Apply for the licenses and permits to start the operations.

For guidance and assistance in the registration procedure, you can rely on PMC Solutions FZCO.

CredentOne DMCC – A Company Formation Specialist

The investor willing to start a company in Luxembourg should appoint a company formation consultant for a hassle-free registration process.

At CredentOne DMCC, we have a very professional staff that takes care of all the procedures required to set up a company in Luxembourg.

CredentOne DMCC has an excellent track record in satisfying the clients. Contact us for any queries regarding company formation in Luxembourg.


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