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Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone (DTMFZA)


sole independent regulatory free zone established in year 2000 to promote Dubai as a globally competitive centre for knowledge-based industries. This free zone provides an impetus to Dubai’s sustainable growth by developing and operating free zone business parks dedicated to these industries. Now it has 9 business parks, handled by TECOM Investments. Each operate as a distinct entity, covering four industry clusters- ICT, Media Education and Science.

DTMFZA Licenses include:

Commercial License - Here a FZ-LLC can be incorporated as a separate legal entity with shareholders as individual and/or entities. It should have one director with minimum capital requirement based on the business activity.

Branch of an Existing Foreign/UAE company – A business operation formed as a legally dependant segment of the parent company to conduct all or some of the operations inherent to the parent company with no share capital requirement.

Freelance Permit – It’s a permit to operate as a freelance professional allowing to conduct business in their birth name instead of a brand name.

As part of the licensing regulations, it is subject to leasing a facility within the DTMFZA and the license will be valid only for operating the business inside the free zone only. These licenses and permits are valid for 1 year and renewable annually.

Minimum capital requirements for FZ-LLC are based on the business activity whereas it is not required for branch companies.

Dubai Internet City (ICT Cluster)

It has developed as the largest Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the Middle East and North Africa. DIC’s business parks facilitates both global and regional companies upholding all features of ICT value chain. DIC supports IT and Telecom businesses to
develop, innovate and grow providing benefits including:

DIC’s unique service benefits hosted Majid Bin Mohammed Innovation Centre. This is a technology start-up incubator aiming to foster entrepreneurship and fast-track innovations.

To incorporate FZ-LLC here, it is required to have a minimum paid up capital amounting to AED 50,000 whereas the branch establishments does not have this minimum capital requirement.

Dubai Outsource Zone (DOZ)

Established in the year 2007, DOZ aims to meet the demands of outsourcing companies, while supporting:

Benefits of DOZ included:

Minimum capital requirement to incorporate FZ-LLC here is amounting to AED 300,000 whereas a branch establishment does not have any such capital requirements.

Other values added services includes networking opportunities, venue management services, industry awareness programs and easy government services.

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