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Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone


ubai Health Care City (DHCC), the first medical free zone in the world, supports a business owner specifying in the healthcare segment. DHCC free zone delivers top-notch healthcare services and growth potentials for foreign investors, enthusiastic to healthcare excellence and patient care. DHCC combines the proficiency of foremost medical institutions and distinguished healthcare providers to deliver all medical services such as:

Conventional Medical Services
Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Medical Education and Research
Healthcare Commercial Services
Diagnostic Laboratories
Support Services
Legal Structure, Registration and Licensing

DHCC allows the establishment of following legal structures such as:

The Registration and Licensing department consists of:

Licenses issued for all the companies registered by the company registry, to carry out specific activities for a specific duration in compliance with the DHCC Authority licensing rules and regulations. Business Licensing issues different types of licenses depending upon the legal status of the business partner.

There are enormous business prospects when setting up a business in DHCC free zone. It primarily comprises of hospitals, medical institutes and wellness centres. Our business setup consultants endeavour to deliver the finest solution to our clients. If you are a professional or a
business owner in the arena of healthcare and would like to access DHCC for setting up your business, our services confirm the smooth dealings for your business setup. Starting a company entails acquaintances, regional information’s and the network with the local regulatory authority. Our robust association with networks can assist you further with the quality service to set up your business.

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