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Dubai Auto Zone (DAZ)


n all-inclusive market place for the Auto Industry provided to buyers, sellers, service providers, principals and traders. DAZ being a mix of zoning category facility comprises of a free zone to fascinate Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the auto sector. It is a dedicated economic zone to cater to the GCC markets and a retail zone to serve the local markets. All of these components in the DAZ facility will relish one stop services and the advantages of a dynamic market place. The cluster strategy of the free zone will simplify and provision the growth of all sectors of the auto industry with attentive investment in the required infrastructure specific to the respective segment.

Dubai Cars and Automotive Zone (DUCAMZ)

The zone was formed with the goal of re-exporting used cars to Asian & African markets with a total size of 8 million Sq. Ft. DUCAMZ offers exceptional aids for businessmen in the used cars industry to launch themselves and is open to individuals or non-individuals (Joint ventures, Partnerships etc) from any country.

Services from the zone

All services related to the Government entities associated with the Auto Trade, Import & Export Clients are located with in the same area like:

Free Zone allowed activities

The solitary activity allowed in DUCAMZ is those concerning automotive trading, sales and some services such as insurance, banking, repair and maintenance of automobiles. Majority of the DUCAMZ based firms is beneath the activity heading of Trading and contain the import and export of automobiles to and from the UAE. DUCAMZ is merely for the purpose of re-exporting cars to target markets. These vehicles are regarded as into the following groups.