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A Brief Introduction of Ireland

Ireland is a member of the European Union and is situated in the northwest of Europe. Its global position gives worldwide access to companies. Ireland is so positioned that it provides access to the Europe, US and Middle East markets.

Ireland used to be an agricultural driven economy until the 1950s. The economy showed a major shift to sectors like tourism, information and technology and service. Export of agricultural products, beef and machinery, pharmaceuticals and minerals like zinc and lead. These are now the primary sectors that contribute to the GDP of the Economy.

Why choose Ireland?

Ireland has a low corporate tax rate which encourages foreign investments. Companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon are already conducting their business activities in Ireland. Ireland was named the best European country to do business in 2011 by Forbes. The Economist Intelligence Unit ranked Ireland to 11th position out of 82 nations during 2008-2012 as the most attractive business destinations around the world.

Ireland is not included in tax haven countries, but the companies starting a business here can fetch huge benefits from the structure. Less bureaucracy makes the Company Registration easy and fast in Ireland. Low taxation policy has always helped a huge foreign investment in Ireland.

CredentOne DMCC can guide and assist you in setting up a business in Ireland.

Entities permitted in Ireland

Ireland allows the option of many entities and the companies can be registered under any of the following types:

  • Guaranteed Company without Share Capital
  • Guaranteed Company with Share Capital
  • Public Limited Companies
  • Private Limited Company
  • Single Member Companies
  • Unlimited Companies

Company Formation Benefits in Ireland

Here are the following advantages that attract the business from all across the world to start a business in Ireland

  • Being a member of the European Union, the companies get easy access to the EU markets.
  • The corporate tax is 12.5% in Ireland
  • The workforce is young, skilled and educated in Ireland which is very advantageous for any employer.
  • Low-bureaucracy is very encouraging for entrepreneurs.
  • The infrastructure is unmatched in the world.

Company Formation Process in Ireland

The company registration in Ireland provides various legal rights to undertake business activities similar to a resident.

To establish a company in Ireland, it requires every investor to go through a specified registration process which includes various steps. When these steps are completed and the Authority that is authorized to register the company is satisfied with all the formalities will then issue the certificate of registration and the license under which the business can conduct its activities.

To get the benefit of company formation in Ireland, it is recommended to appoint a reliable registered agent that fulfills every characteristic that is important to run hassle-free business in the country.

Contact CredentOne DMCC for specialized services related to the company incorporation in Ireland, which includes accounting, nominee services, registered office service, opening a corporate bank account and many more.


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