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Offshore Company Setup

Set up an Offshore Company in Dubai / Establish Your Offshore Company in Dubai

With the changing dynamics of the business world, offshore companies offer prospective opportunities for carrying out business activities in a thriving economy. An offshore company refers to a legal entity formulated in a low-tax or economical jurisdiction with the intention of improving the operations of the business, gaining profit, and reducing the tax liabilities. Accordingly, UAE, especially Dubai, offers excellent resources for investors and business enthusiasts for Offshore Company Formation.





Benefits of Offshore Company Formation in UAE

Offshore companies are one of the most prominent ways of doing business in foreign lands today. Not only do offshore companies offer excellent opportunities for minimizing tax expenditures, but they also allow ease of operations without any form of intrusion.

Asset Protection

With a Dubai offshore company incorporation in your business activities, you can add a layer of protection to your assets and protect them from potential liabilities. This is because offshore companies make it difficult to track your assets.

Optimization of Taxes

As one of the main reasons for opening up an offshore company in Dubai, you can optimize your operations by often being exempting from taxes or paying very low rates, eventually eliminating tax burdens off from your shoulders.

Reputational Benefits

Regardless of the actual operations and production stages of the business, by setting up your offshore company in Dubai, you can amplify the reputation of your company with the help of the name of the region.


Although offshore company incorporation still makes it compulsory to abide by the laws of the country, offshore businesses guarantee the privacy of the owners, key stakeholders or investors concerned with it.

Reduced Paperwork

An offshore jurisdiction does not require any sort of audit, accounting or book-keeping for tax authorities of the company, making it seemingly easy to spearhead, manage, and supervise the business.

Full-fletch Ownership

As no local shareholding is required for offshore business setup in Dubai, the complete ownership lies in the hands of the original owner, who can also own bearer shares and hold meetings in UAE with other partners.

Bank Account Incorporation

For the ease of the business’ operations, investors, owners or stakeholders can also open Offshore Company Bank Accounts in Dubai in multiple currencies, further allowing them to trade far more effectively and proficiently.


Many investors remain concerned about the costs of establishing an offshore company. However, due to low startup cost, speedy process, easy documentations, and the possibility of having a share in Free Zone or LLC make it quite lucrative.

Major Offshore
Regions in UAE

As a gateway to the international market, an offshore company based in the UAE can be formed for the purpose of trading, owning real estate, generating profit, extending a business’s operations or protecting inheritance. An offshore license in UAE is of two types, Trading or Professional, depending on the ventures and operations of the business. Accordingly, the principal jurisdictions in the UAE that offer exemplary opportunities for establishing an offshore company are as follows:

JAFZA Offshore Company Formation

The Jebel Ali Free Zone or JAFZA is a tax-free jurisdiction that opens pathways to exemplary global reach, deemed important for an effective Offshore Company Setup in UAE. It offers 100% foreign ownership, confidentiality, and no restrictions on foreign exchange. Although an offshore company based in Jafza cannot conduct the business in Emirates, it allows property investments to be held in UAE under the corporate structure. Companies can also open their offshore bank accounts in Dubai.

Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) Offshore Company Formation

Another tax-free jurisdiction, Ras Ali Khaimah (RAK) is a very cost-effective offshore zone in the UAE where the incorporation process does not require the physical presence of the owner. From generic trading to professional services, RAK supports multiple outsourcing companies, without the need of multiple licenses, if a company has more than one type of operation. Together with no capital requirements, opportunities to open bank accounts, confidentiality, and no currency restrictions, RAK is a very flexible offshore zone.

Ajman Offshore Company Formation

Governed by Ajman Free Zone Authority, the Ajman offshore zone is considered an industrial hub due to its strategic location. With zero-taxation system, intact confidentiality policies, and a fast-paced incorporation process, Ajman is preferred for a plethora of services, including trading, consulting, professional, commission-based, and advisory services. Just like other offshore zones, Ajman also offers opportunities to open offshore bank accounts at cost-effective prices.

The Process of Setting an Offshore Company in UAE

As an eminent Offshore Service Provider, CredentOne DMCC makes the process of establishing an offshore company quite easy for all the business enthusiasts, ensuring they can retain maximum benefits from their ventures. In order to set up the company, the following processes are employed:

1. Defining Business Activities

Since the features of the business are highly vital for offshore company formation in Dubai, our specialist help you in choosing the right jurisdiction as per your business needs.

2. Deciding the Company Name

For effective and fast-paced registration, our experts present various alternatives on the table to choose the right name for the business.

3. Completing the Paperwork

With a combination of expertise and knowledge in the field, we help in hassle-free and quick completion of the license application.

4. Issuing of Licensing

As soon as the license is issued, a notification is sent with scanned license documents. Accordingly, we collect the documents and deliver them as per your schedule.

5. Opening of Company’s Bank Account

Our expansive network of banking experts provides multi-faceted assistance in opening up your company’s corporate bank account.

Why should you choose CredentOne DMCC?

The business specialists at CredentOne DMCC works with the vision of catering to our clients in every step of their offshore company establishment. From registration to paperwork, we provide comprehensive support in setting up your business structure. In doing so, we provide effectual advice on attaining the maximum benefits of your preferred jurisdictions, without compromising on your confidentiality. This allows us to help establish your offshore company with strong foundations.

Ready to start your offshore company?

Dubai is well-known for international business opportunities and you too can gain benefits from it. Reach out to us for consultation and support in establishing your offshore company or bank account.

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