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Mauritius company formation – A Review

Situated in the Indian Ocean region, Mauritius is the leading financial hub of the region. It is a politically and economically stable state with strong financial ties-ups with other liberal economies. It has a decent banking system and offers a wide range of competent proficient services.

Mauritius is gradually increasing its business development strategies of companies. In the early 80s and 90s decade, Mauritius was considered a tourist destination, but over the period of time it has changed the perception and now it the largest business hub of the region.

If an investor is willing to expand his business activities and thinks of making his company become operational overseas then he should definitely think of Mauritius.

Benefits of Company Formation in Mauritius

  • Liberal visa and immigration process
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Well connected to African, GCC, Asian, and European Markets
  • A planned, developed and growing economy
  • Well developed infrastructure ( ports and transport )
  • No restrictions on capital repatriation of capital, dividends to the overseas destinations
  • The country is economically and politically stable which provides a business-friendly environment
  • Double taxation pact with many economies
  • Taxation policies are very clear and cordial to foreign investment.

Easy Company Registration Process

Company formation in Mauritius is very favourable to foreign investors and the company registration process is quite easy. In Mauritius company formation is just a matter of 3 working days. Also, no minimum foreign-capital is required to start a company here in Mauritius.

For domestic companies registration the investor needs to approach the Registrar of Companies, and for a Global Business Company (GBC) or company that gives financial services, they are required to deal with the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius.

While starting a business in Mauritius, the investor needs to discharge the following actions:

The investor willing to apply for a global business company license in Mauritius will need to convince the Financial Services Commission (FSC) that he acquire all the essential expertise to carry out the desired operations.

The entrepreneur needs to carefully arrange the requirements like local directors, registered offices and opening a bank account and the various other necessary requirements.

The entrepreneur needs to find the office, staff for the office, residential accommodation and permits for the expatriates. The Economic Development Board gives the resident permit and occupational permits.

Documents required in Company Registration

  • Name and address of each applicant along with the unique identification number of the respective country
  • Address of the registered office
  • Name of the company or business
  • Nature of the activity of the business
  • Passport copies of the applicants
  • Original Bank reference letter
  • Business plans

Services of CredentOne DMCC

Our team of business experts helps you to prepare a strategy for the business and ensure that the formalities involved are well-handled by high-quality professionals. Business Registration in Mauritius is not too difficult if the right team is appointed for the task.

CredentOne DMCC act as a liaison between our client and the Financial Services Commission, Economic Development Board and other Government Agencies involved in the Company Formation process.

If an entrepreneur is interested to set up a company in Mauritius, CredentOne DMCC offers unmatched service to lay a strong foundation for the business. We ensure that all the legalities are carefully handled in an efficient and professional manner.


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