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redentOne is a top consultant in business setup services situated in Dubai that offers company setup and associated services. Our tactic is to deliver you with the most crystal clear, excellent, unified actions and tailored solutions. Our exceptional, state-of-the-art and deliberate approach help the magnates to launch their business and capitalize on productivity. We offer you the precise platform to set up your business starting from incorporation, registration, and licensing to establish your company.

Our solid assurance to high-quality expertise, wide-ranging competence across diverse sectors of disciplines, hands-on and constant learning in the ever-fluctuating global situation, and the capacity to comprehend pioneering approaches to deliver complete support in implementing all such approaches, differentiate business setup, and provide the modest authority in ensuring growth. The possibility of your business takes a rise when you are able to contact clients internationally. It’s all about interacting, building contacts, and taking the right actions on time. Like-minded business owners in our platform give us the opportunity to discuss and get advice on all sorts of topics related to business. The influence of collective recommendations gives a free rein to the business opportunity We at CredentOne make it easy for you and spontaneous in terms of both statistics and relationships.

The option of conducting business through consultants or agents avoids the need of foreign companies to establish a physical presence in the UAE and allows foreign companies to leverage the consultants local market connections. The UAE Commercial Agencies Law (Federal Law No.18 of 1981, as amended) governs the appointment of registered distributors, commercial agents and sales representatives. A commercial agency is defined as “any arrangement whereby a foreign company is represented by an agent to distribute, sell, offer or provide goods or services within the UAE for a commission or profit.”

In general, to set up a local entity of a business, there are options available to a foreign investor. They are:

  1. Mainland – Establishment in Mainland UAE (Onshore)
  2. Free zone – Establishment in one of the many economic free zones.
  3. Offshore.

With certain limitations, it is possible to set up an offshore company referred to as International Business Companies.

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