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Brief history about the company, and our plans for the future.

CredentOne is familiar as one of the best business consultancy services firms in the UAE that delivers expert advice in development and execution of businesses. We have assisted a multitude of big and small establishments effectively set up their businesses over the years. These involvements have supported CredentOne to promise in providing hassle-free and complete business setup services.

We are specialists in the professional services including


he United Arab Emirates has a deep-rooted infrastructure, a firm political scheme, and one of the most abundant trade management in the Gulf region. It remains to be progressively significant, pertinent, and striking to businesses from across the globe and as a hub for the province and beyond. The region’s commercial guide is a reliable source for companies at every single level of business operation. There are right understandings into regions’ economic conditions, leading sectors, regulations, and standards for the budding businesses to grow. The UAE is well suited to handle and has driven to soothe business sensitivities. The record-breaking level of business activity replicates the constant appeal of the region to companies of all sizes. There is a treasure of prospects for businesses to grow in the UAE and looking forward to marking many more milestones and accomplishments.

Benefits of Setting up Business in the UAE

Launching a business in the UAE has numerous advantages as it provides an admirable means for tax planning as there are no capital gains or personal income taxes in the UAE.

Company formation in the UAE is reputed, regulated with global trading solutions. More structures such as holding or investment companies are available for capital inputs. Hence UAE grants an excellent long-term option and with a tax-free legal base and a safe port for offshore and onshore companies.

The UAE’s investment environment is characterised by strategic location

A gateway between the east and the west allowing businessman and investors to access the existing and emerging global market, productions and distribution channels and different main business centres in Europe, Asia-Pacific regions, Africa & North America.

Political Stability

UAE’s political stability and security supports a large segment of residents, expatriates, foreigners and tourists with moderation, tolerance and acceptance as part of the UAE culture and its great rulers.

Advanced Infrastructure

The UAE’s Vision 2021 aims to make the most developed infrastructures in the world. The UAE has allocated large amounts of capital dedicated for material infrastructure improvements through out the country, including road networks, federal buildings, large investments in Khalifa Initiative in Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah.

Economic Stability

The UAE’s strong and balanced economy is providing an environment that enables economic growth and to promote its competitiveness and investment attractiveness.

Ease of doing business

UAE government’s interest and attention to the local and international investors are the results of all the incredible efforts by the local and federal government authorities to constitute regulations and develop procedures to enable and support both local and foreign investors and their businesses to promote competitiveness and accomplish world leadership.

Business setup in the UAE have other benefits like:

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