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Freezone Setup in Dubai


he company set up in any free zone is lucrative for business magnates, while the accurate choice of free zone requires clever market proficiency.Our business consultants are there to make the precise choice for your innovative or growing freezone setup in Dubai. Every free zone is planned in a way that there are one or more commercial categories and only offers licenses to businesses within those categories.

The foremost attraction of launching a business in any of the free zones is that there are no foreign ownership limitations and companies are administered by an independent Free Zone Authority (FZA), which is in charge of delivering operating licenses and controls the activities of companies within the free zone

Nowadays, the UAE has become a major business center and idyllic for setting up a business or a representative office. There are more than 40 different Free Trade Zones in the UAE. So, finding the best free zone through which to conduct business in the province can be a tedious task.

In order to further strengthen the corporate or commercial events in the region, UAE offers the opportunity to register a company in UAE’s free zones, where there can be 100% foreign-owned, deprived of the need of a 51%local partnership. Surpassed with other significant advantages like no corporate tax, businesspersons can build a potential business in UAE Free Zone and bring their ambitions to life. We make sure to make it a hassle-free procedure by providing direction in every step of starting your business.

Free Zone

As a substitute to set up in Mainland/Onshore, it is also probable to establish an LLC or branch in one of the many free zones across Dubai and the UAE. Free zones are specific areas within the UAE and are made known to attract foreign investment. Each free zone is administered and governed by its own regulatory authorities with its own rules and regulations. The licensing authority within each free zone setup in Dubai is responsible for issuing free zone licenses and registering companies. Characteristically Free zones are industry focussed and are tailored to specific industries and hence only license, specific types of activities. Even though there are a large number of free zones within the UAE, the majority are situated within Dubai.