Director & Share Holder Services


irectors and Shareholders have two entirely dissimilar roles in a company. The Shareholders own the firm by possessing its shares and the Directors handles it. We can provide assistance for Executive Directorship services in your field of business activities and Shareholders to accomplish a sophisticated level of confidentiality while obeying with the UAE economic substance necessities. Director and Shareholder services by CredentOne guarantee high level of privacy and safety. The Nominee Directorship service may be used when a client doesn’t wish to be personally selected or has to meet local requirements. The name of the director will be there in the corporate documents, in any commercial contract and occasionally in the jurisdiction’s business register. After appointing a Non-Executive Director, a Nominee Service Agreement will be contracted among the client and the nominee. It will give assurance to the client that the nominee can only act or sign documents upon the client’s demand and with the client’s preceding endorsement. Directorship services delivered by our business consultants will present professional directors that work with the top level of integrity and confidentiality.

Director & Share Holder Services

A Nominee Shareholder is a third party that is fixed as the company’s shareholder in the company register via a trust agreement. You can be a minority nominee shareholder or a majority nominee shareholder. Even though a nominee shareholder holds the company shares, he do not have any power with in the company. Nominee shareholders are less common than nominee directors in most jurisdictions and businesses. Most companies only choose to continue unidentified as it provides complete privacy on who the eventual beneficial owner is.

CredentOne delivers a complete range of Nominee Director and Shareholder services. All our nominees are UAE residents and we provide services for both local and foreign companies.

Our nominee director and shareholder service are an intermediate ownership and management tool. Nominee individuals can be both physical and legal, where a person is fixed as a manager, director or shareholder having no decision over their actions. They can only perform ensuing instructions from the beneficial owner.

The establishment of the nominee director and shareholder services is beneficial for numerous reasons. Primarily, there is no requirement for the directors to be in the UAE or even be citizens of the country to register as a private company with the UAE based nominee person or company.

Another advantage of a business formation with a nominee is that the actual owner can defend their anonymity, as they are not listed on the official records, offering high level of personal security.

When a company hires a nominee Director or a Shareholder, they are not authorised to handle or control the activities of the entity. By law they now have to sign a document with this regard and all the real control lies with the beneficial owner.