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Mainland Company Formation in Dubai


ubai is accustomed as one of the world’s greatest linking hub locations and has empowered innocuous connections, business interactions, and entree to trade for undertaking businesses. We provide support in Mainland Company formation in Dubai in a comprehensive unified way. Starting a business in Dubai, offers you all the advantages of an extremely advanced economy with the infrastructure and services equivalent to the highest international standards. Our business setup facilities deliver outstanding provision in this prosperous region where the business environment, economy, and investment prospects present ample scenarios for business aspirants. The Department of Economic Development (DED) with the established support from the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry, is the legislative body that regulates and controls the licensing measures for business setup in Dubai. However, there are certain possession standards a foreigner has to follow wherein our business setup consultants can support you with. Mainland company formation in Dubai is a very rewarding investment choice for investors and business establishments. The establishment will get a Mainland or onshore license, authorizing the business to be managed, run, and implemented from within the UAE or internationally, without any complications. These licenses are regulated and issued by the Emirate’s Department of Economic Development (DED). One of the foremost rewards of mainland company formation in Dubai or registering a local company is that it lets the accomplishment of business activities, without any provincial boundaries.You will get 100% Ownership Investment opportunity in Dubai Mainland.

Benefits of starting a company in Dubai Mainland

In spite of the probable areas for development, investors and business fanatics all around the world desire setting up a mainland company for many reasons and foresight of numerous pro services in Dubai.

There are no minimum capital requirements

Flexible business opportunity across all emirates

Authorized business agreements with government entities made easier

Easy product approvals

Substantial market presence

Massive investment opportunities

Legalized to rent or hold a physical office

Affluence of availing bank facilities like loans

Increase your employee strength with choices for unlimited visa accessibility.

Foreign investors are not obligatory to pay income tax for running their business in Dubai

A mainland visa also opens the doors to obtain an investor and residence visa, without any hassle or difficulties.

Other Important Facts includes:

The day-to-day management of the company may be vested in a manager who in practice is usually appointed by the foreign shareholders.

It is possible to provide in the Memorandum of Association that profit and losses be shared in a ratio different to that of the share capital ratios.

It is necessary to appoint an auditor who must be accredited in the UAE.

Although there are no such ownership restrictions in respect of onshore branches, a local/National Service Agent must be appointed and either needs to be a UAE national or a Company wholly owned by UAE nationals. The NSA is not entitled to the profits or revenues generated by the branch and only provides certain limited governmental and administrative services, as agreed in the National Service Agent Agreement.Such services typically include license application and renewal, and visa applications for the branch during mainland company formation in Dubai.

Authority Activity
Ministry of Health Pharmacy
Ministry of Health Medical Clinics
Ministry of Communication Telecommunication and Wireless
Department of Civil Aviation Air Transport & Air Cargo
Central Bank Financial Institutions, Banks, Money Exchange
Ministry of Industry New Industrial Projects / Expansions
Ministry of Education Nurseries, Private Schools & Institutes
Customs Authority Sea Cargo, Clearing & Freight Forwarding
Ruler’s Office Lawyers & Legal Consultancy
Dubai Municipality Engineering & Contracting
Ministry of Défense Explosives & Arms
Ministry of Economy Chartered Accountants & Auditors
Ministry of Information Publishers, Magazines, Newspapers.

The legal structure of the company is reliant on the choice of anticipated business activity. A wide classification of business types is:

Professional License (Sole Establishment)

It is offered to an individual or a single ownership company to do any job in which the party can promote services based on their academic or creative talent.

Commercial License (LLC)

In order to buy and sell any supplies or goods or involve in trading activity, companies have to own a lawful Commercial License. Consequently, if you are preparing to set up a business activity associated with trading in Dubai, it is required to apply for a commercial license.

Manufacturing or Industrial License

The larger and extensive logistics and infrastructure of Dubai facilitate industrial development. Being a trading hub that links the east to the west, Dubai has topographical benefits too. Hence if you are into industrial manufacturing and would like to set up an industrial concern in Dubai, it is required to obtain an Industrial or Manufacturing License.

Mainland Company Legal Structures

The subsequent structures are protected by mainland licensed entities.

LSA (Local Service Agent)

LSA will be a UAE national and does not have any civil obligation or financial obligations to the company. His accountability is to make sure the branch can persist its business in Dubai, still, he will not have any legal interest in the management, company, revenues, or possessions of the local office.

LLC (Limited Liability Company)

A mainland limited liability company is a legal entity formed under the Department of Economic Development in Dubai. Based on the business activity there may be third-party consents required from government ministries such as the Ministry of Economy, Dubai Municipality, KHDA and may differ from Emirate to Emirate.


Investors looking forward to growing their businesses can also select Mainland license to begin a branch office in Dubai.

Representative Office

With the mainland license, overseas investors can also set up a representative office for marketing and research without the necessity of any shareholder.

Sole Establishment

A corporate entity or an individual can be the only shareholder of a limited liability company for commercial, industrial, professional, or consultancy activities.

Civil Company

A competent and certified professional in professional sectors including law, accountancy, medicine, engineering, and more can form a civil company. It is essential to set up as a partner of the business owners who has professional qualifications in their own fields of specialisation.


It is an authentic separate legal entity from the parent company. A corporation or limited liability company is retained by another Parent company and is not accountable for the activities of the subsidiary company.


Mainland company setup process

While setting up a company can be tedious, with the assistance of our veteran consultants, we can make it easy for you.

Step by step directions for

Step 1 – Finalise Sponsorship

As soon as after selecting the precise jurisdiction as per your definite business actions, depending on your viability and financial circumstances, we assist you in determining whether you need to invest in LLC formation, having 51% local sponsorship or LSA, giving you 100% shareholding.

Step 2 – Acquire Trade Name

In order to give a certified name under which the company can perform business activities, our professionals help you in securing the company name as per the obtainability and registering it.

Step 3-Initial Approval

The initial approval provides you the chance to start your business in Dubai and at the same time apply for other documentation as instructed by Dubai Economic Department. Our team delivers systematic support for carrying out the course of license application.

Step 4-Other External Approvals

On some occasions, businesses may need approvals from the Dubai Municipalities, Ministries, and other judicial bodies. Accomplishing external approval is also very imperative and must be followed by the commercial entity so that the company is licensed.

Step 5- Opening Company Bank Account

As we have an extensive association with banking professionals, we can offer assistance to the companies in setting up their corporate bank accounts.

Step 6 – Processing of Significant Documents

Any prerequisite of accompanying paperwork and documentation is subject to each company. Many business types may need additional paperwork in view of where and how they would like to set up their business in Dubai. From establishment cards and visas to labor files, companies can trust us for help in documentation queries.

Why CredentOne?

A business license in Dubai is a document that authenticates your company as a legal entity. A Mainland Trade License in Dubai is chosen by companies in order to keep the responsibility of business activities and guarantee secure proceedings. Federal Law No.2 of 2015, the new Commercial Company Law (the ‘New CCL’) came into effect on 1st July 2015 and replaced the previous Commercial Companies Law, UAE Federal Law No.8 of 1984, as amended. Foreign businesses wishing to operate in Mainland UAE usually do so either through a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a branch or representative office. Although the New CCL does allow for other forms of entities to be established.

We specialize in the area of mainland assistance for business endeavors, extending all sizes of companies like small, medium, or large. Our adaptable and keen consultants service with operational transparency to help clients in every aspect. We also support our clients in dealing with:

We provide assistance to start your business in Dubai in the calmest and reasonable ways. We deliver not only deliberate consultancy in setting up your company but also support in the monotonous documentation process, safeguarding cheap and professional corporate services in Dubai. We make sure that you have all the paper works, documentation and get the Dubai Mainland License in the specified time frame.

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