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redentOne is familiar as one of the best business consultancy services firms in the UAE that delivers expert advice in the development and execution of businesses. We have assisted a multitude of big and small establishments in effectively setting up their businesses over the years.

These involvements have supported CredentOne to promise in providing hassle-free and complete business setup services. We work directly with business owners on developing business plans, identifying the documentation requirements for business ownership. We are dedicated to helping budding entrepreneur’s setup businesses by integration and harmonisation as per the region’s jurisdiction. Our directive is to offer keen services for all growing business that has objectives for international growth. We promise our clients to deliver proficient solutions to setup their business in the UAE with comfort and stress-free procedure.

CredentOne DMCC established and incorporated in the UAE in the year 2017, has developed as one of the foremost multidisciplinary working firms in the region. The client centric attitude has gained us greater advantages with a wide list of clients extending from small businesses to large multinational organisations. We make available to our clients with the finest corporate framework for undertaking business in the UAE by emerging your ideas productively. We take maximum advantage of our expertise in the business environment with agility and retorting to the varying needs of the market impeccably to deliver abrupt solutions. Our skills and knowledge along with your creative and innovative business plan will help to optimise business processes and technologies for maximising productivity and profits.

Our specialist business consultants will support you to identify the potential threats vulnerabilities to solve proactively. This enables substitute solutions without further capital investments and delivers the final speculated outcome of your business model. We are backed with a path of growth, development and strong economic performance subsequent to a specific strategy to continue the development process and determined efforts by all segments of CredentOne.

CredentOne is backed by self-motivated and knowledgeable specialists who care extremely about our business and the impression we have with our clients. We have a common drive to deliver the promise and cleverness. Our ethics outline the principles of our firm and describe the appeal of our company. Our team serve as the substance for how we perform and make conclusions. In this age of swift business revolution, we assist clients in every industry across the world to create eternal value in their business. We are able to retort rapidly to the requirements of our clients and direct our clients in making the right decision. Our teams combined tactic, drove business resilience and ensured in reaching the desired breakthrough.

CredentOne offers business setup services in Dubai and UAE. We support you to make a robust choice concerning where to start, how to start and why you should start a business in the UAE. Our consultation services are personalised to exactly meet the detailed requirements of our customers and their business. Setting up a business in Dubai is a vital choice for the reason that starting your business at the correct time with virtuous resources is essential. We work in handy partnership with numerous government entities to completely free you from the tedious measures to setup your business. We propose the maximum reasonable business setup and related PRO services within the possibility of your budget and business model.


CredentOne being a business consultancy firm is a leading company providing advisory and execution of business setup facilities with the objective of refining the efficiency of client’s business strategy, legislative performance, and operational processes. The management team is efficaciously operating the establishment with all that requires to develop and execute a proper strategy for the future of the organisation. The leverage created by the management team has resulted in the sum of the productivity of each employee being sturdier than each of its functions in collective. It is ensured that the different segments of the organization wrench in the equivalent direction forming and collaborating a vision that fits the business strategy.

We are specialists in professional services including:

CredentOne DMCC being a sophisticated advisory services firm engrossed on delivering operative business solutions to critical tasks and empower its clients to accomplish envisioned results in the Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) domain. We deal with all sectors of the financial services and has the competence to meet the needs of the clients all over financial services industry like banking, insurance, capital markets, asset management’s, Islamic finance and funds businesses. CredentOne DMCC is dynamic in offering advisory services to financial regulators globally, giving them a better understanding of the managerial expectations and current movements in financial services regulations worldwide.

Our long practice and a demonstrated track record in directing clients with regards to their regulatory relationship management requirements as well as in instructing the financial regulators to addresses the challenges they have to experience in accomplishing their purposes.

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